TCS CodeVita Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

 TCS CodeVita Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

Hello everyone, I am going to share my TCS interview experience which was completely online this year because of the covid-19 pandemic. As you all know TCS is the world’s one of the largest IT companies in this world and it conducts CodeVita (online coding contest) every year and considers it as a major recruiting process for final year students of any stream and it gives internship opportunities to pre-final students. Okay, let me first give you few insights.

CodeVita: CodeVita is an online coding contest that is conducted by TCS every year across the whole world for coders to showcase their programming skills. There are three rounds in CodeVita:

    Pre Qualifier: Conducted Online

    Qualifier: Conducted Online

    Grand Finale: Conducted in India (offline) in TCS centers

In the Pre Qualifier round, there are 6 questions, and if you are able to solve at least 1 question and clear it’s all the test cases, there is a chance that you will get an interview call from TCS. For the safe side try to solve 2 questions or more completely.

Interview Day: We were informed by the TCS a day before the interview about the time of our interview and all. As this year the whole process was online so a bunch of instructions was mentioned by the TCS like the internet connectivity, important documents to present, and all. I joined the virtual lobby on time and my slot was from 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM, there were a few more candidates in the virtual lobby, and a lady started to speak. I was the first to give the interview and all other candidates were given different slots by that lady for their interviews. There were 3 rounds.

Technical round:

Question (asked in every interview, so prepare well about this question): Tell me something about yourself.

Answer: I introduced myself with confidence and tried to showcase my skills in the introduction because the flow of the whole interview depends very much upon the introduction.

Question: He asked about a question from the contest and my approach by which I solved that question?

Answer: I explained to him the question and my approach. The question was basically to find whether a given string contains 3 palindrome sub-strings or not.

My approach to solving this question was: consider the first letter as the first sub-string and the second letter as the second sub-string and the remaining letters as the third sub-string and check these 3 sub-strings are palindromes or not. If yes, return true, or else keep on increasing the number of letters in the second sub-string and first sub-string.

Be ready to give answers to questions like any other better approach, time complexity of your solution, or can we use any other data structure which can improve the time complexity of our solution.

Question: In which language do you code?

Answer: I answered it. You can give your own answers.

Question: He asked me about the four pillars of Object-oriented programming?

Answer: Four pillars of Object-oriented programming are Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism. I answered that.

Question: He asked me what is Null pointer exception in java?

Answer: I answered it.

Question: He asked me what is serialization and deserialization in java?

Answer: Serialization in Java is a mechanism of writing the state of an object into a byte-stream. The reverse operation of serialization is called deserialization where byte-stream is converted into an object. I answered it. You can refer to this link for more knowledge

Question: He asked me what is a constructor?

Answer: I answered it.

Question: He then asked me a simple program to swap two numbers without using a third variable?

Answer: I explained it to him.

Question: He then asked me about my project which was mentioned in my resume.

Answer: It was a machine learning project and I explained to him what I have done in my project and the algorithms that I have implemented in the project. He also asked me questions related to python as my project was based on machine learning but those were basic questions.

Finally, he asked me to wait for a while so that he can connect to the interviewer of the next round i.e. Managerial round.

Managerial Round:

Question: He asked me how was my first round?

Answer: I answered it.

Question: He asked me how the covid-19 pandemic has affected the IT industry?

Answer: I answered that the covid-19 pandemic has affected all the industries but the IT industry where physical presence is not so required is one of the least affected industries. Work from home was easily implemented in this industry and the productivity of the company and employees was not affected that much. Companies, where physical presence is required, were most affected during the covid-19 nationwide lockdown.

Question: He asked me the difference between machine learning and Artificial intelligence (AI)?

Answer: I explained it to him.

Question: He asked me about the contribution of the TATA group towards the betterment of our nation?

Answer: You have to do your research about the company so that interviewer will think that you are genuinely interested to join the company. I answered the question and told him about the charities which are done by the TATA group and Ratan Tata (former chairman of Tata Sons).

Finally, he asked me to wait for a while so that he can connect me to the interviewer of the next round i.e. HR round. I don’t know why, but I was really very afraid of the HR round.

HR Round:

Question: She asked me how was my second round?

Answer: I answered it.

Question: She asked me whether it was my first interview?

Answer: I answered yes and I think she might be got the feeling that I was scared and nervous, so she told me to relax.

Question: She asked me why TCS?

Answer: To answer this question, my research about TCS helped me. I told her TCS is a great company and I will learn a lot from my seniors and colleagues. And I also told her that you can take a study gap in TCS to complete your higher education.

Question: She asked me whether I know about the TCS contract or not?

Answer: I said No, She then explained to me the contract.

Question: She then asked whether I want to join TCS?

Answer: Yes ma’am with confidence and a smile on my face.

Question: She asked if I had any questions for her?

Answer: I asked about what kind of projects I will be working on? She answered it.

Approximately after 20 days, results came, and I was selected. One last thing I would like to add that always greet your interviewer like good morning and thank them for their time after the interview is over. Be confident and you will be easily able to crack the interview


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