Mindtree Interview Experience for Software Engineer C1 (Off-Campus)

 Mindtree Interview Experience for Software Engineer C1 (Off-Campus).


  1. Assessment  – 21st March 2021(Aptitude, Logical, Coding(Imp) on WeCreateProblems Platform) –>Result Same day Night
  2. English Skill Assessment (Mettl) – 22nd March 2021 –>Result after 4 days
  3. Technical Round 1 – 27th March 2021 (WeCreateProblems platform)
  4. Technical Round 2-28th March 2021 (WeCreateProblems platform)
  5. HR Round- 3rd April 2021 (WeCreateProblems platform)

Technical Round 1:


  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. Diff b/w for and for-each and which is efficient
  3. Why we need sorting
  4. Explain in brief about sorting techniques(I said I don’t remember all. I can explain Merge sort and Bubble sort)
  5. Write Pseudocode/logic for Both and walkthrough it.
  6. Write logic to print prime numbers up to N and I wrote the logic and explained him then he asked Are you sure it will pass all basic testcases? I replied if you allow me I’ll share my screen and I’ll try to execute it in an online compiler.
  7. I am done. All the best for your Future.

I got the result of Technical Round 1 on the same day and My Technical round 2 is scheduled to next day morning 9 am.

Technical Round 2 – 28th March 2021 (WeCreateProblems platform)

  1. I am a Technical lead from Mindtree. Can you tell me about Yourself
  2. Tell me about OOPS
  3. You are familiar with java right? Tell me How you achieve Data Abstraction and Explain me in detail?
  4. I’ll give you some I/p and O/p Pattern and write the logic and Explain me line by line
    I/P - [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]
    O/P - [3,2,1,6,5,4,9,8,7]

    I wrote the logic with little Mistakes and Interviewer tried to confuse me, but I am confident with my logic. So I explained to him what my approach to solve that problem.

  5. Any questions for me?

Nice talking to you. Bye.

I got the result of Technical round 2 after 2 days. I am shortlisted for HR.

HR Round – 3rd April 2021 (WeCreateProblems platform)

  1. Tell me something about yourself
  2. What do you do in your free time
  3. Did you attended any interviews earlier? I said I attended TCS and got selected.
  4. Then why you are wasting a position in TCS? I said I haven’t accepted the offer and I am waiting for Mindtree.
  5. Why you want to join Mindtree?
  6. You know about bond?
  7. Are you flexible ?
  8. Are you available to relocate to any of the Mindtree office locations?
  9. Do you have valid pan card?
  10. Any questions for me?


This is all about My Mindtree Interview Experience for C1 Software Engineer position.

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