Mindtree Interview Experience (Virtual Interview)

 Mindtree Interview Experience (Virtual Interview)

Round 1: Round 1 contains aptitude, reasoning, verbal, and coding. This round was taken on the Mettle platform. The questions were of medium level. The coding section consists of 2 programs. To get shortlisted from this coding section you have to solve and get an output for at-least 1 question. Coding was also of medium level. One question of Arrays and other of Strings.

Round 2:(Tech Interview): It was a virtual interview. We were given timing a day before the interview. This interview lasted for 55 min as I was the last candidate for others it lasted for only 30 min.

So the Interview started with a brief introduction of the interviewer, and then he asked me to introduce myself in brief.

    Then the following questions were asked:

    Tell me about your project.

    Tell me about your internship and the tech stack you worked on.

    Asked me my favorite subjects. I answered OS and DBMS and then he asked me questions related to it.

    What is Normalization and forms of normalization?

    What are the ACID properties?

    Keys in DBMS.

    What are a thread, process, and kernel?

    What is Deadlock and Conditions of deadlock?

    Write a code to add nodes and delete nodes in the linked list. Complete program.

    He asked me the basics of Stack and queue.

    Asked me questions related to pointers. Mainly output questions.

    Pillars of OOPs and Pure Virtual function.

Lastly any questions? (Do ask a question to the interviewer. Never say No).

Round 3(HR interview): After 20 Min I got a call for the HR interview.

They asked me to Introduce, reallocation, family background, and what Tech stack I was interested in. He even asked me about my internship project and whether I have a PAN card or not.

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